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Every Friday at 7 PM CST.
100% of proceeds go to charity.

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Similar to competitive chess, The Weekly Spar will compute an ELO rating for every debater. A rating’s progression will represent the growth of argumentation and speaking skills.

Weekly Results

Each week, a set of victors is added onto this page. All competitors’ round histories are also recorded.

Demosthenes Award

Every month, the Demosthenes Award is bestowed upon the most accomplished competitor, in reverence of the great Athenian orator.


Every week, people of all ages and skill levels have the opportunity to hone in their speaking and argumentation in front of a judge experienced in debate. Competitors will extemporaneously spar against their opponents, with the winner of each pool receiving $35.* 100% of the remaining proceeds will be donated to charity.

Exhibition Round


The Weekly Spar is a simple way to practice critical thinking while raising money for a great cause.

Andrew Fruend
Andrew Fruend

If you’re looking for a chill time or want to get a taste of what debate is like, there’s plenty of room for that. If you want an intense, technical debate round, the topics are nuanced enough to allow those discussions. No matter what interest, The Weekly Spar is a good time.

Emmanuel Murphy
Emmanuel Murphy

Each new topic forces me to think quickly and discover new arguments. You always learn something new and improve as a debater each round.

Louis Li
Louis Li

Minutes Debated